Functional Change of Poly Properties


For more than 90 years the Treffert corporate group has stood for expertise and vision in the area of plastics processing. True to our motto “colour follows function”, we create products that are custom-made for their concrete use case and its demands with the highest precision. On the one hand we realise dyes for plastics that are delivered to you either as a ready-to-use raw material or as a concentrate you can use to dye yourself. We can precisely reconstitute dye mixtures that were used before with accuracy to the colour even after they have not been used for decades. On the other hand we are specialised in the modification of the properties and functions of plastics depending on their particular use case. Here, too, we deliver our products as finished raw material or as a concentrate, from small quantities to charges of several tons.

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Icon color masterbatch


Concentrate with the precise color tone provides economical self-dying for the raw polymer without changing the polymer’s mechanical properties.

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Icon Additive Masterbatches


Concentrate for precisely modifying polymer properties. It allows precise conditioning of the raw polymer in various areas such as light resistance, heat resistance, anti-static properties and others.

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Icon pigment powder


Dust-bonded pigment powder mixtures are the most cost-effective and rapidly deliverable alternative to color masterbatches for dyeing raw polymer.

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Icon Compounds


Dyes and modifications of the polymer properties based on the raw polymer used. The compound can be subjected to additional processing without any further mixing.

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The Development and Manufacturing Process at Treffert

development and manufacturing process at Treffert from your request till the logistic of the produced products

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Our Application Engineers


Our application engineer for the zip code regions 0,1 und 2:

Marting Ebenhög
Phone: +49 6721 403 69
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Our application engineer for the zip code regions 3,4 und 5:

Thomas Justen
Phone: +49 6721 403 77
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Our application engineer for the zip code region 6:

Philip Wagner
Phone: +49 6721 403 25
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Our application engineer for the zip code regions 7 und 8:

Melih Cengiz
Phone: +49 6721 403 64
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Our application engineer for the zip code region 9:

Sascha Klamp
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Key Account Medical Technology

Eric Strauß
Phone: +49 6721 403 78
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for the region of Eastern and Northern France:

Guillaume Fenyes
phone: + 33 (0) 3 87 31 84 85
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for the region of South France:

Richard Renaudin
phone: + 33 (0) 3 87 31 84 82
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other regions and export:

Marc Marchand
Ingénieur A. et M.
phone.: +33 (0) 3 87 31 84 87
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for the regions of Western France and Île-de-France:

Murielle Berthier-Heinle
phone: + 33 (0) 3 87 31 84 86
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